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Setra 209 Liquid Pressure Transducers. Gauge, Compound, and Vacuum Pressure, 1 to 10,000 PSIG, reliable, CE, RoHS compliant. Setra 230 Wet Differential Pressure Transducer

2014-04-04 · Setra Model 230 Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transducer 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION Every Model 230 has been tested and calibrated before shipment. Setra Systems 230 pressure transducers sense differential pressure and convert this difference in pressure to a proportional high level analog output. The 230 is supplied with either a Model 201. Setra's Model 201 is an accurate, low cost pressure transducer for measuring very low differential of gauge pressure.

Setra transducer

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The MRG has eight selectable ranges and three selectable outputs, easily adjustable on the job with a flip of a switch or jumper. Setra's Model 264 versatile low differential pressure transducer is widely used in the accurate measurement of pressures and flows for proper building pressurization and air flow control. Optional accuracies of ±0.4% FS and ±0.25% FS are available as well as the standard ±1.0% FS accuracy. Setra Systems Model 209 Pressure Transducer 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION Every Model 209 has been tested and calibrated before shipment. Setra Systems 209 pressure transducers sense gauge pressure and convert this pressure difference to a proportional high level analog output.

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The Model 209 pressure transducer from Setra is designed for Industrial and OEM customers who require high performance, reliability and versatility at an aff

For over 50 years, Setra has developed a unique understanding of pressure sensing technology. Our team of engineers designs some of the most robust, accurate, and reliable capacitive sensing transducers available.

Setra Model 206 The Model 209 pressure transducer is designed for Industrial and OEM customers who require high performance, reliability and versatility at an affordable price. It offers exceptional ±0.25% FS accuracy with pressure ranges from 1 PSI up to 10,000 PSI …

Revere TRANSDUCERS 899527-25-R SHB NSNP. SEK 5192.

Setra transducer

Item Number 2561500PG2M11C Series 256. Overview Documents. Product Description: Gauge Pressure Transducer, 0-500 PSIG, 1/4" NPT Male, 4-20 mA, 11 Point CAL Cert . Accuracy. 0.13 Percent. Pressure Range (Gauge) 0~500 psi. … Setra maintains a complete calibration facility that is traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).
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Unidirectional Ranges: 0.1 electrical signal by Setra's custom ASIC tech- nology. Standards. Setra Systems 260 pressure transducers . We carry a wide variety of New & Used Setra High Pressure Transducers for Sale and have several Used Setra C207 Pressure Transducers 10000 PSIG with  The Setra Lite™ Room Pressure Indicator provides a simple, cost-effective, and accurate way to monitor and display room differential pressure in areas that  Sensor Electronic Technology (SET) provides high-quality current transducer / sensor and customer-oriented solutions for measuring electrical parameters.

Founded in 1967, Setra Systems, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure, acceleration, and weight sensing devices.
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Setra Systems makes a range of pressure sensors for ventilator manufacturing and testing. Setra's pressure transducers are made in the USA and trusted by top OEMs around the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ventilators are in more need than ever.

Starting at $441.29 Setra Systems is the leading USA manufacturer of premium high accuracy pressure transducers, transmitters, capacitive pressure sensors, and acceleration sensing devices. Setra’s Model 227 transducer is designed for high density, modular block gas sticks and panels required for today’s 300mm tools. The Model 227’s 1-1/8″ footprint optimizes valuable space, and its rugged design makes it ideal for pressure measurements that require long-term stability, high accuracy and exceptional insensitivity to environmental extremes. Setra Systems product lines include pressure sensors and transducers, room pressure and environmental monitors, power meters and accessories, particle counters/air quality sensors, temperature and relative humidity sensors, and pressure sensor calibrators.